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The Spring Festival Holiday

Author : Cherry Weng Date : 1/21/2019 12:11:42 AM
 With the coming of Spring Festival, many factories in different field are starting to close the door for holiday. Here I would like to inform all our kind clients and friends from all over the word about our holiday arrangement: 
*The Holiday of factory :  Jan. 26th ~ Feb.18th 2019
*The Holiday of office:   Feb.2nd ~ Feb.11th 2019
Please know about arrangement, the orders we promised will be done well this week. For special case, feel free to contact the person in charge privately.
Thank you very much for all our clients’ support in the past year, we look forward to having deeper and more enjoyable cooperation in the coming year. Our excellent quality goods and service will be around you all the time.
Good luck and have a good time!
Cherry Weng
HR Supervisor